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By John Farndon, Belinda Gallagher, Lucy Dowling, Jo Brewer

This book offers a wealthy resource of knowledge with greatest impression and minimal muddle. precisely one thousand evidence are lined via a hundred issues, every one with 10 key issues that supply an easy yet memorable deal with at the topic. interesting details panels in addition to prolonged captions enlarge this fast fireplace method.

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Какие-то ослы разместили в libgene под этим названием совершенно другую книгу. ("Пределы роста. 30 лет спустя"). Рад представить оригинальное издание 1972 года.

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The former presence of forest in the interior of Antarctica has been known since fossils of ancient ‘seed-fern’ trees (Glossopteris) were collected from the Transantarctic Mountains by Captain Scott and his team during their ill-fated return journey from the South Pole in 1912. Until about 30 million years ago, forests of Nothofagus (southern beech) existed in Antarctica. Important to the cooling of Antarctica during the Cainozoic was the opening up of a wide sea between Antarctica and Australia after c.

Observation of the rates of glacial processes acting today also enables inferences to be made about how long it took for various glacial deposits and landforms to form in the past. Similarly, present-day measurement of the accumulation rate of sediment on a lake bed can be used to approximate the number of years represented per unit depth downwards along a core sample of the lake sediment so that the time spanned by the sedimentary sequence can be estimated (although this method is not without its problems as described in Chapter 2).

In fact, it is sometimes very difficult to determine the source area (provenance) of a deposit accurately and to make correct inferences about whether the deposit provides past environmental information at the local, regional, continental, or global scale. There can be uncertainty even when comparing different deposits of very similar nature, as for example the spatial scale represented by evidence preserved in lake sediments may vary with the size and characteristics of the lake, with what part of the lake is sampled, and with atmospheric, hydrological and ecological conditions prevailing at the time of deposition.

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