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For example: an ocean of tears. Apollonius gave the hyperbola its name. Nowadays a more common definition of the hyperbola is as being the curve for which the difference between the distances to the foci remains constant. And also the following definition is used: The hyperbola has two asymptotes, what gives reason to saturation−growth with the 2) . or rectangular hyperbola: the two asymptotes are perpendicular. This special case has been studied at first by the Greek Menaechmos. • degenerate hyperbola: the hyperbola has been degenerated to his asymptotes • adjungated hyperbola: given a hyperbola a second one is added, with the same asymptotes, but axes switched.

This triangle is used in mathematical lessons as 'triangle' or 'set square'. Sometimes this set square has the form of a special right triangle, a right triangle with angles of 30 and 60 degrees. The characteristic triangle is the triangle with infinitesimal sides dx, dy and ds. This 'triangulum characteristicum' has been used in the 17th century by Pascal, Snellius and Leibniz, while developing infinitesimal mathematics. It seems that is was Leibniz who introduced this expression. In a equilateral triangle (or regular triangle) the three sides have equal length.

It seems that is was Leibniz who introduced this expression. In a equilateral triangle (or regular triangle) the three sides have equal length. These triangles can fill the plane (also right triangles can, by the way). This quality has already been found by Pythagoras (500 BC). The group of scholars around Pythagoras had a special liking for numbers, which had for them a magical meaning. They studied the 'figure numbers' (or 'polygon numbers'), constructed from a regular polygon. In the following way, from a regular triangle: and so on.

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