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By Arthur C. Clarke

A thousand years after the Jupiter venture to discover the mysterious Monolith have been destroyed, after Dave Bowman used to be remodeled into the famous person baby, Frank Poole drifted in area, frozen and forgotten, leaving the supercomputer HAL inoperable. yet now Poole has back to existence, awakening in an international a ways varied from the single he left behind--and simply because the Monolith will be stirring once more . . .

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And, most important of all, Captain Chandler was delighted. 'You can have my cabin,' he promised. ' There were times when Poole wondered if Chandler, with his beard and swagger, was not another anachronism. He could easily picture him on the bridge of a battered three-master, with Skull and Crossbones flying overhead. Once his decision had been made, events moved with surprising speed. He had accumulated very few possessions, and fewer still that he needed to take with him. The most important was Miss Pringle, his electronic alter ego and secretary, now the storehouse of both his lives, and the small stack of terabyte memories that went with her.

Well, Ganymede, of course – Anubis City. ' Poole scarcely heard him. Suddenly – unexpectedly – and perhaps none too soon, he had found a reason for living. Commander Frank Poole was the sort of man who hated to leave a job undone – and a few specks of cosmic dust, even moving at a thousand kilometres a second, were not likely to discourage him. He had unfinished business at the world once known as Jupiter. II. GOLIATH. 14 II GOLIATH 14 A Farewell to Earth 'Anything you want within reason,' he had been told.

Love and best wishes from Africa Tower. TRANSCRIBE STORE. TRANSMIT POOLE. 16 TRANSCRIBE STORE TRANSMIT POOLE 16 The Captain's Table The arrival of such a distinguished passenger had caused a certain disruption in the tight little world of Goliath, but the crew had adapted to it with good humour. 00 hours, all personnel gathered for dinner in the wardroom, which in zero-gee could hold at least thirty people in comfort, if spread uniformly around the walls. However, most of the time the ship's working areas were held at lunar gravity, so there was an undeniable floor – and more than eight bodies made a crowd.

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