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Download 47 Easy-to-Do Classic Science Experiments by Eugene F. Provenzo Jr., Asterie Baker Provenzo PDF

By Eugene F. Provenzo Jr., Asterie Baker Provenzo

Simple yet stress-free experiments, played with universal home items, train childrens rules of sunshine, elasticity, viewpoint, gravity, air strain, optics, extra. directions, illustrations.

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The damp paper seals the edges. Try to lift the top glass off the lower one. You will find that you probably can’t pull them apart because the air pressure outside the glasses is now more powerful. Now you know how suction, which actually results from the difference in air pressures, works. NOTE: In order to separate the glasses, twist them apart instead of trying to pull them apart. This will break the vacuum. Simple Diving Bell The first device which enabled people to breathe under water was the diving bell.

Tilt your head back in a horizontal position. Put the other end of the soda straw in your mouth as shown in the illustration. Gently blow through the straw. The jet of air will lift the pea. As you blow with more force, the pea will rise higher, and, if you maintain a regular jet of air, it will remain suspended in the same position. As the ends of the pin receive thrusts from the jet of air, the pea will also revolve. Blowing an Egg Out of a Cup If a bullet is shot from a gun through a glass window, it passes through the glass, leaving a neat round hole.

Maxwell’s experiments were important in leading to an understanding of why some people are color-blind. Below is an illustration of Maxwell’s color-blending top. MATERIALS four of five sheets of different-colored construction paper scissors 5″ piece of ¼″ dowel piece of cardboard used wooden thread spool pencil sharpener or penknife saw rubber cement or some other type of glue pair of compasses (for drawing circle) KEY TERMS Color: Sensation produced by the effect of waves of light striking the retina of the eye.

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