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By Ajit Mookerjee

Incredibly wealthy treasury of genuine royalty-free designs tailored from artifacts of the Harappa tradition, cash and pottery from South India, Ajanta and Bagh work of art, Muslim monuments, Buddhist temples, textiles from Gujarat, Punjab, different areas, mask and tribal arts, even more. instantly usable fabric or nice source for layout proposal. creation. Notes.

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The modem age may be incapable of recreating the past. The machine has entered so much in our life and it promises to be more emphatic in the days of the future. There is, on the other hand, the chance of evolving a new and abiding culture by the judicial integration of machine and handicraft. In the present context, “judicial integration” means instillation of a sense of design in the manufacturing process so that we recapture a little of that colour and form in the things of everyday use which were so characteristic in the days of the craftsman.

Mookerjee, Ajit. II. Title. com FOREWORD THE ILLUSTRATIONS presented in this book have been selected from different sources as typical of Indian traditional designs and motifs. In spite of their variety and complexity, an unerring thread of continuity, growing out of the inner logic and dynamism of the people from region to region, connects these elements. These designs and motifs may be a great source of inspiration to the designer-artist who can take full advantage of them. All such designs have a special Indian quality and the designer-artist should be at home with them—and through them, with the treasures of India.

Indu Bhusan Gupta and Mr. Sushil Das, for the copy work. I am also grateful to Dr. Verrier El win and the Oxford University Press for the permission to reproduce the tribal decorations in the last four plates of the book. A. M. NOTES TRADITIONAL DESIGNS AND MOTIFS : 3000 B . C. TO MODERN TIMES PLATES 1—5 Harappa culture: mainly Mohenjo-daro and Harappa seals, dolls and toys, pottery including Nal PLATES 6—8 Sanchi Stupas: mainly railings and gateways PLATES 9—15 Punch-marked coins and pottery: mainly Taxila and South India PLATES 16—22 Ajanta and Bagh murals PLATES 23—44 Muslim monuments: mainly Agra, Delhi, Sikandra, Fatehpur Sikri, Bijapur, Lahore, Jaunpur, etc.

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