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By Joey W. Hill

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No, he hasn’t fallen from grace. I’m sure of it. It’s . ” Anna’s brow furrowed. ” “Yes. ” Mina muttered something to herself and added another packet from her hidden stores to her person. “He wanted to die,” Anna said softly. “He saw nothing in the world to keep him. ” Mina shook her head. “Your capacity to love may be endless, but it can’t always save the day. ” Anna looked down, focusing for a long moment on the automatic, slow sway of her tail, keeping her stationary in the water. ” When she raised her gaze and met that of the seawitch, Anna thought she might have seen a flicker of regret, but she’d long ago learned her lesson about assigning regular emotions to Mina.

You have known him a very short time. ” Reaching out, he pulled on a handful of feathers, nearly toppling David from his perch. “Come, chick. ” David rose, steadying his stance, his wings spreading out. ” JOINING Magic was just a tool. A manipulative, diabolical tool that drew out every ounce of energy from her soul and mind, creating the illusion that it formed a permanent binding to another. Now Anna knew why so many females had such sad crushes on the first male they lay with. Like she did. It seemed the farther away she swam, the more she felt the need to return to him.

Find Hill -the Mermaid's wanted to reach farther, he knewJoey he’d essenceKiss of Luc himself. Just as he could the Lady if he went in the opposite direction. As above, so below. But he didn’t. He preferred here, this place of stasis, below one Line and above the other. Disembodied, as if his soul had split. He’d been on his side awhile, perhaps hours, studying the dragon’s outline in the wall. At the lapping of the water, he adjusted his chin to see Anna’s head break the surface, her long golden hair, which waved and wildly curled when dry, now slick along her skull and bare shoulders.

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