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Charts the most important occasions and noteworthy dates within the political histories of the nations of the region.* Alphabetically indexed person kingdom chapters* Chronologically lists the key occasions of every state* Covers the commercial, social and cultural advancements that experience affected the political heritage of every kingdom

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The Governor of the Central Bank, Gustavo Franco, resigned and was replaced by Francisco Lopes. 1 February 1999: Lopes was dismissed; in April he was arrested in connection with his refusal to give evidence to an inquiry into corruption at the Central Bank. Armínio Fraga Neto was appointed to succeed Lopes.

Bolivia and Chile signed the Treaty of Peace and Friendship by which Bolivia officially ceded its coastal provinces to Chile, thereby losing its access to the Pacific. 1914: The Partido Republicano (PR) was formed to campaign against political abuses and the loss of national territory. 1917: The Liberal candidate, José Gutiérrez Guerra, defeated a Republican candidate in a presidential election. 1920: The PR seized power in a peaceful coup d’état and installed Bautista Saavedra Mallea as President.

1929: During the global economic depression precipitated by the collapse of the stock markets in New York (USA), the coffee industry suffered from a fall in demand, causing hardship in Brazil, where coffee was the dominant export crop. March 1930: Presidential elections were won by the government candidate, Júlio Prestes, who gained most of his support among the electorate of the larger states. His opponent was Getúlio Vargas, who represented a coalition of opposition parties and urban and military dissidents.

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