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Download A-Z of Modern Europe Since 1789 by Martin Polley PDF

By Martin Polley

An A-Z of contemporary Europe 1789-1999 is a complete dictionary which defines sleek Europe via its very important occasions and other people. It contains entries on:
* key humans from Napoleon Bonaparte to Hitler
* key political and armed forces events
* influential political, social, cultural and monetary theories.
An A-Z of contemporary Europe 1789-1999 bargains obtainable and concise definitions of approximately a thousand separate goods. The booklet is cross-referenced and therefore presents linked hyperlinks and connections whereas the appendices include crucial additional details. The booklet comprises 5 priceless maps to steer the reader alongside.

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As well as aiming to gain ground for Russia, the offensive aimed to help the allies on the western and southernfronts by forcing the Germansto move troops and resourcesto the east. The offensive was successfulat first, with the Russians taking 250,000 prisoners, routing the Fourth Austrian army, gaining up to 12,000 squaremiles of territory, and persuading Romania to declare war on the central powers. It also managedto divert German forces from the west, thus helping the French and British efforts in the long-running battles of VERDUN and the SOMME, and some Austro-Hungarian forces were moved eastfrom the southern front.

WesternPolandwas defeatedin under three weeks. The technique was also used very effectively in the German invasion of the Low Countries and France in the spring of 1940: apart from the escape of allied troops from Dunkirk, Belgium, the Netherlands,Luxembourg and France were conqueredin just six weeks. Blood Purge see NIGHT OF THE LONG KNIVES. Bloody Sunday (January 1905) see RUSSIAN REVOLUTION 1905. Blum, Leon (1872-1950) French politician. A civil servant,journalist and critic, Blum joined the Socialist party in 1899.

He also over-committedGermanyto supporting Austria-Hungary'sactions during the BOSNIAN CRISIS of 1908, thus setting a precedentfor 1914 and alienating Russia. The fragmentarynature of his support in the Reichstagwas exposedin 1908 when his proposedtax increaseswere rejected, and he was dismissedin 1909 after losing William II's support. His final public role came in 1914, when he was re-appointed 21 to the Rome Embassywith the main aim of keeping Italy apart from the TRIPLE ENTENTE powers. He was unsuccessfulin this (see LONDON, TREATY OF 1915), and left the post in 1915.

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