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By Luciana Parisi

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Read or Download Abstract Sex: Philosophy, Biotechnology and the Mutations of Desire (Transversals: New Directions in Philosophy Series) PDF

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It thus departs from the zoocentrism of evolution (based on species) or Darwinian and neo-Darwinian evolution where the law of the fittest (the best adapted individual to an external environment) determines progress and ensures survival through rampant competition. As opposed to Darwinian and neo-Darwinian evolution that defines natural selection as the hand of God able to order nature by exterminating non-adapted species or genes, the process of stratification exposes the autonomous emergence of networked relations between codes and milieus, where selective pressures act upon molecular particle-flows able to engender new aggrega22 V IRT U AL S E X tions.

Abstract materialism does not involve the analogy between the general (ideal) and the particular (individual) body or between pluralistic (many) and specific (one) categories of the body defined by the principles of identity (analogy between inert nature and body). Quite 28 V IRT U AL S E X the contrary, this method produces a map of the non-linear movements of connection between causes and effects unfolding the potential (force) of a body to mutate through an ecosystem of indefinite mixtures. Abstract materialism entails the symbiotic networks between the most disparate bodies where singular layers of composition constitute a mutating essence of a body.

Bio-informatic capitalism ceaselessly selects variable mutations of information. This selection is neither conservative nor transcendent, but immanent to molecular variations. It operates like a sieve whose variable meshes fish in the molecular reservoirs of a body, intensifying its indeterminate capacities to transmit, receive and recombine information producing new channels of capitalization. But mutations of information are neither calculable nor controllable. They emerge and proliferate without warning.

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