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By Gabor Patonay

Advances in Near-Infrared Measurements, quantity 1 presents an outline of near-infrared spectroscopy. The ebook is produced from six chapters that take on a variety of components of near-infrared size. bankruptcy 1 discusses distant tracking concepts in near-infrared spectroscopy with an emphasis on fiber optics. bankruptcy 2 covers the functions of fibers utilizing Raman innovations, and bankruptcy three tackles the problems linked to near-infrared facts research. the next chapters current examples of the functions of near-infrared spectroscopy from numerous learn teams. The textual content should be of serious use to researchers who desire to make the most of near-infrared measurements of their paintings.

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This surface- Near-IR Laser Raman Scattering 29 e n h a n c e d R a m a n scattering does not require direct absorption of light by the molecule for large enhancements; instead, there is an indirect interaction of the molecule with the electromagnetic field mediated by the metal surface. From an experimental standpoint, molecules must be directly adsorbed on a rough metal surface, and, in many cases, a potential is applied to the metal to attract molecules from solution, usually the point of zero charge.

Spec, 41, 1137 (1987). 22. D. Anal. , 5 9 , 2 5 5 9 (1987). 23. G. Appl. , 42,456(1988). 24. ; Vo-Dinh, T. Anal. , 5 9 , 2 1 4 9 (1987). 25. L. Appl. Spectrosc, 41, 605 (1987). 26. ; Vo-Dinh, T. Anal. , 6 1 , 6 5 6 (1989). 27. 7. Phys. , 87,4793(1983). 28. ; Blatchford, C G . G. J. Chem. , 75,790(1978). 29. K. J. Opt. Soc. Am. , 3, 15 (1986). 30. D. Anal. , 5 8 , 1 1 1 6 (1986). 31. L. J. Electroanal. , 258, 313 (1989). 32. ; Wetzel, Η. Surf. , 101,409 (1980). 54 S . M . L. M Y R I C K 33. Appl.

Also, near-IR reflectance measurements made on the nylon revealed no significant absorbencies of the nylon over the wavelength range of interest, so the direct ratio of SER to nylon Raman scattering was used to determine relative enhancements. M. L. MYRICK 600 H 400 500 600 700 excitation 800 wavelength 900 1000 1100 (nm) Figure 11. Relative SER enhancements for 50-mM pyridine on silver and copper electrodes as a function of excitation wavelength. These curves show only the variation of enhancement versus wavelength for each metal and do not show enhancements compared to the other metals.

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