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Maps That Made History

Few humans can face up to the attraction of previous maps and plans. Even today of disposable mapping — from satellite tv for pc navigation to personalised highway instructions on the click on of a mouse — the old map keeps to give a distinct viewpoint on our altering international. right here we discover 25 excellent examples.

The A to Z of the Northern Ireland Conflict (The A to Z Guide Series)

For almost 4 a long time the clash in eire has embittered kinfolk among the groups residing there and spoiled family among the Republic of eire and nice Britain. for 3 many years it escalated, punctuated through periodic bloody clashes by means of a little bit calmer sessions of anxiety within which violence of all sorts—robberies, kidnappings, severe accidents and deaths—were all too universal.

Entertainment in the Old West: Theater, Music, Circuses, Medicine Shows, Prizefighting and Other Popular Amusements

Miners, loggers, railroad males, and others flooded into the yank West after the invention of gold in 1848, and entertainers trying to fill the call for for distraction from the staff' day-by-day toil quickly undefined. Actors, actresses and touring troupes crisscrossed the yank frontier, acting in tents, saloons, fancy theaters, and the outdoor.

A Million Years in a Day: A Curious History of Everyday Life from the Stone Age to the Phone Age

Who invented beds? while did we commence cleansing our tooth? How previous are wine and beer? Which got here first: the bathroom seat or rest room paper? What used to be the 1st clock? each day, from the instant our alarm clock wakes us within the morning until eventually our head hits our pillow at evening, all of us participate in rituals which are millennia previous.

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The breastplate, now of a solid, single-piece construction, rounded and bulbous in form (again reflecting clothing fashions), had a skirt of articulated plates (the. fauld) that protected the abdomen, whilst a mail skirt protected the groin. The limbs were almost fully encased. The arms were covered by rerebraces and vamb races for the upper arid lower arms respectively, the elbow joint protected by the couter. The shoulder might still only have the small cap-like spaulder, but larger and more complex pauLorons, which flared out in order to protect the shoulder through the full range of its movement, were also to be found.

OTHER MELEE WEAPONS Besides the sword and cut-down lance a wide variety of other hand weapons were also available to the medieval knight fighting on toot. The long-hafted axe, traditionally seen as a Norse or Anglo-Saxon weapon, was used in the 11th and 12th centuries. At the climax of the battle of Lincoln in 1141, fought during the civil war between King Stephen and Matilda, the daughter of Henry I, Stephen stood 'like a lion' fending off his enemies with just such an axe. By the 14th century the dominant weapon was some form of hafted weapon that had evolved out of farming tools.

It might be wholly metal or made of a wooden and leather body with a metal boss, and was held in the fist by a single bar grip. Being too small to stop a blow directly, its primary use was as a means of deflecting them and protecting the wielder's sword hand. 33 — shows it also being used aggressively to strike the opponent's hands or punched directly into his face. sword and buckler from The figures depicted in the text using the sword and buckler are a monk, a scholar and a woman. Whilst it would be wrong to take the illustrations literally (some observers have created fantastic stories that the monk is a real figure, a retired knight turned warrior monk: a tale that owes more to Eastern martial arts traditions and the novelist Ellis Peters than to medieval European society and culture) their appearance does suggest that this weapon combination had a civilian context.

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