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By A.T. Fomenko, S.V. Matveev

One provider arithmetic has rendered the human race. It has placed good judgment again the place it belongs. It has placed good judgment again the place it belongs, at the topmost shelf subsequent to the dusty canister labelled discarded nonsense. Eric TBell each photo tells a narrative. Advenisement for for Sloan's backache and kidney oils, 1907 The booklet you will have on your arms as you're interpreting this, is a textual content on3-dimensional topology. it could function a fine looking finished textual content publication at the topic. nonetheless, it often will get to the frontiers of present learn within the subject. If pressed, i'd before everything classify it as a monograph, yet, due to the over 300 illustrations of the geometrical rules concerned, as a slightly obtainable one, and for this reason appropriate for complex sessions. the fashion is a little casual; roughly like orally awarded lectures, and the illustrations greater than make up for the entire visible aids and handwaving one has at one's command in the course of an exact presentation.

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The unique model of this text used to be written greater than fiveyears in the past with S. Z. Shefel',a profound and unique mathematician who died in 1984. Sincethen the geometry of surfaces has persisted to be enriched with principles and effects. This has required alterations and additions, yet has no longer inspired the nature of the object, the layout ofwhich originated with Shefel'.

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E. it is obtained from a disc D by gluing in n strips and one patch. A rectangle can be glued to a disc D in two ways: so that its parallel oriented opposite sides specify one and the same direction on the circle () D and so that they specify opposite directions. The strips obtained will be called twisted and untwisted, respectively. Strips I and 2 in Fig. 37 are twisted and strips 3 and 4 are not. First assume all the strips to be untwisted. Let ;: be one of them. Then there must necessarily exist a strip Pz joining the two arcs into which the boundary of the disc () D is Chapter 2.

Figure 30 If when decomposing the manifold M into handles we successively contract each handle D1 x D A-1 of index A. to its core disc D1 x {O}, we obtain a cell complex K which is homotopy equivalent to the manifold M and coincides with it if the manifold is closed. Chapter 1. Preliminary Information 29 Each .? -dimensional cell of the complex K corresponds to a handle of index .? Therefore, the presentation of the fundamental group of a manifold can be calculated proceeding from a decomposition of this manifold into handles.

3. Any singular point of a singular surface is either a double, or a triple, or a branching point. ===~ 1\ ~ Figure 55 Proof. Since we are dealing with a local problem, it suffices to restrict ourselves to the case M =R3. Let f: F ~ R3 be a map in general position, where F is a triangulated surface. 'Y". If all points Yi lie strictly inside triangles, then n:S; 3 since four strips in general position always have an empty intersection, and we are dealing either with a nonsingular point for n = 1, or with a point on a double line for n =2, or with a triple point for n =3.

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