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By Owen Skousen

A five cassette direction for deveoping quick interpreting. additionally includes handbook.

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If you do that you will not progress. Use your hand to pull yourself along. If you want to practice that section again, turn the recorder off and rewind to the point you want. After your practice, return to this point. DO IT NOW! The main difference in the results of Test 1 and Test 2 should be that you were able to move much faster over the print, and see and understand the words as well or better in Test 2 than you did in Test 1. The more you practice, the greater this difference will become.

4) Turning Pages With Left Hand (Illust. No 5) As you read the left-hand page of your open book, put the middle finger of the hand you are using to turn the pages under the upper right-hand corner of the page to be turned next. Make sure your hand or arm does not obstruct your vision of the print on either of the pages. As you read down the right-hand page, automatically begin lifting the corner of the page you are holding. Smoothly and quickly, as you read to the bottom of the page, turn the page and return your hand to the upper right-hand corner of the right hand page.

While it is difficult to break old habits, consistent practice will make the task easier. Eventually, your subconscious will begin to use the new skill. It is very much like the feeling described by Col. “Chuck” Yeager when he first broke the sound barrier. It is very rough and then suddenly everything smooths out and the feeling of movement and even time is hardly noticeable. As you push your reading above the speed you normally can “translate,” you will have a similar experience. You will not be able to read above a certain speed unless you break that barrier.

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