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Download America: A Narrative History (Seventh Edition) (Vol. 1) by George Brown Tindall PDF

By George Brown Tindall

Utilized by over a million scholars, the USA: A Narrative background is likely one of the such a lot profitable American background textbooks ever published.Maintaining the beneficial properties that experience constantly exotic this vintage text—lively and obtainable narrative sort, a prepared stability of political with social and cultural heritage, and unheard of value—the 7th variation introduces a very redesigned, full-color format complemented via attention-grabbing maps and more advantageous pedagogy. The 7th version additionally introduces the hot subject of environmental historical past. rigorously built-in all through, this subject matter provides illuminating views on how american citizens have shaped—and been formed by—the wildlife.

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What biological exchanges resulted from these early explorations? seaman hired by the Spanish, discovered the strait that now bears his name at the southern tip of South America. Magellan kept sailing north and west across the Pacific Ocean, discovering Guam and eventually the Philippines, where he was killed by natives. Surviving crew members made their way back to Spain, arriving in 1522, having been at sea for three years. Their accounts of the global voyage quickened Spanish interest in exploration.

As tribes traveled greater distances and encountered more people, infectious diseases spread more widely. Horses became so valuable that they provoked thievery and intensified intertribal competition and warfare. Within tribes a family’s status was determined by the number of horses it possessed. Horses eased some of the physical burdens on women but imposed new demands. Women and girls were assigned the responsibility of tending to the horses. They also had to butcher and dry the buffalo meat and tan the hides.

Norse expeditions to the New World during the tenth and eleventh centuries are the earliest HELLULAND (Baffin Island) GREENLAND NORWAY SHETLAND ISLANDS ICELAND FAROE ISLANDS SCOTLAND MARKLAND (Labrador) NORTH AMERICA CAPE COD IRELAND L’Anse aux Meadows VINLAND (Newfoundland) ENGLAND EUROPE ATLANTIC OCEAN NORSE DISCOVERIES Norse settlements AFRICA When did the first Norse settlers reach North America? What was the symbolic significance of these lands of the Western Hemisphere? How far south in North America did the Norse explorers travel?

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