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By Eleazar Shafrir

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2005) In vivo control of diabetogenic T-cells by regulatory CD4+CD25+ T-cells expressing Foxp3. Diabetes 54:1040–1047. MacFarlane AJ, Burghardt KM, Kelly J, et al. (2003) A T1D-related protein from wheat (Triticum aestivum)-cDNA clone of a wheat storage globulin, Glb1, linked to islet damage. J Biol Chem 278:54–63. Mackay IR, Bone A, Tuomi T, et al. (1996) Lack of autoimmune serological reactions in rodent models of insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. J Autoimmunity 9:705–711. MacMurray AJ, Moralejo DH, Kwitek AE, et al.

Markees TG, Serreze DV, Phillips NE, et al. (1999) NOD mice have a generalized defect in their response to transplantation tolerance induction. Diabetes 48:967–974. Markholst H, Klaff LJ, Klöppel G, et al. (1990) Lack of systematically found insulin autoantibodies in spontaneously diabetic BB rats. Diabetes 39:720–727. Martin A-M, Blankenhorn EP, Maxson MN, et al. (1999) Nonmajor histocompatibility complex-linked diabetes susceptibility loci on chromosomes 4 and 13 in a backcross of the DP BB/Wor rat to the WF rat.

Diabetes 47:980–984. Lam-Tse WK, Lernmark Å, Drexhage HA. (2002) Animal models of endocrine/organ-specific autoimmune diseases: Do they really help us to understand human autoimmunity? Springer Semin Immunopathol 24:297–321. fm Page 32 Thursday, March 1, 2007 4:03 PM 32 Animal Models of Diabetes Lang J, Bellgrau D. (2002) A T-cell functional phenotype common among autoimmune-prone rodent strains. Scand J Immunol 55:546–559. Laron Z. (2002) Interplay between heredity and environment in the recent explosion of type 1 childhood diabetes mellitus.

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