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By Paolo Sacchi

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They were more preoccupied with themselves than paying me any attention. I could not detect a single iota of positivity radiating from them. Their sight made me feel rather sorry for them and instinctively I picked out one character among them who was covered in horrid green scabs with skeletal features showing through the hideous surface of the diseased skin. Part of the flesh around the mouth was eaten away, revealing the craggy ruins of the teeth. Despite the hideous disfigurement I could identify the character as female.

As usual I immediately focused on the floor in front of me, which was strewn with leaves on a sandy ground, until I could distinguish every detail with incredible clarity. I keep bein she still needed to explore and that she could still go out to explore the greater wonders of her world. Realising by her interested facial expression that I knew more than she did, despite the fact that she was a permanent resident in this world, I proceeded to tell her what she could expect when she progressed from here.

Talking to other visitors, it was confirmed that this was indeed a show put on for the pleasure and entertainment of the local populace. Apart from the great pleasure this demonstration provided, it was made crystal-clear to me how tentative our human appearance is and how it is mostly habituation that makes us look the way we do. In non-physical reality appearance can be altered by intent and the power of imagination. When I came out of the building I strolled straight into a grandiose, square park of a capacious city.

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