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If one were to perform the experiment in such a way that only one metastable state were examined over its entire range of validity, the critical current would vary from 24 to zero and the naive analogy with optical interference would be applicable. A very useful physical picture of why the usual superconducting quantum interferometer response does not modulate in the manner of optical interference can be had with reference to Fig. 28 which shows the magnetic behavior of the interferometer with 7 = 0.

10 where we again assume i = i e sin0, 0<3C 1, and neglect the FIG. 10. Schematic representation of point-contact loop device coupled to a resonant circuit driven by an rf-current source h at frequency ω. 1. JOSEPHSON WEAK-LINK DEVICES 27 FIG. 11a. Complex response of the rf voltage Vi in Fig. 10 for ß < 1 and a variable applied field Φχ°. junction conductance and capacitance. Without going through the details of the derivation, the voltage across the resonant circuit at the fundamental frequency, correct to the first order in Lic/Φο, is M Vx = |Z|/isin(co< - δ) + 2 — ic\Z\Jx L\ X [2τ/L\l/2\Z\hl k y .

24. Observed dc quantum interference patterns with two Josephson tunneling junctions connected in an interferometer as shown in Fig. 23. The envelope results from the diffraction effect on a finite size junction and the fine structure is interference of the phase across the two junctions. ] two identical junctions the critical current varies with Φχ as shown in Fig. max coinciding with Φχ = &Φ0. min, which occurs when Φχ = (k + £)Φ0, depends on the ratio β = 2TTLIC/^Q as shown in Fig. 25. It is of note that Ie,min/h,m*x approaches zero as ic approaches zero.

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