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Download Applied XML Programming for Microsoft .NET by Dino Esposito PDF

By Dino Esposito

XML is all over the Microsoft .NET Framework, from Remoting to net prone and from information entry to configuration. know about the large XML middle sessions in .NET and the best way to software opposed to its parser during this in-depth consultant - written by way of a well-liked programming writer and advisor on state of the art applied sciences comparable to Microsoft ASP.NET and Microsoft ADO.NET. you can find authoritative causes of applied sciences reminiscent of schemas, alterations, and XPath, plus broad dialogue of knowledge entry concerns resembling synchronization and serialization, the DiffGram layout, and the XML extensions in Microsoft SQL Server.

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Info at the Table 2-4: Types of Nodes in the XmlNodeType Enumeration Node Type Description Represents a significant white space character SignificantWhitespace between markup text in a mixed-content model or white space within the scope of xml:space="preserve". Text Represents the text content of an element. Whitespace XmlDeclaration Represents an insignificant space between markup text. Represents the XML declaration node. XmlDeclaration must be the first node in the document and can't have children.

A Comment Comment node can't have any child nodes. Represents a document object that is the root of Document the document tree. Document provides access to the whole XML document and can have the following child node types: only one Element node (the actual root of the XML tree), ProcessingInstruction, Comment, and DocumentType. DocumentFragment Represents a document fragment—namely, a DocumentType Element node or an entire subtree—that is linked to a document without actually being part of it or contained in the same file.

Likewise, it does not need a name table property. Aside from these few exceptions, a large part of the XmlReader class basic interface is preserved. The key method for our custom reader is still Read, and Value is the principal property. We'll use a StreamReader object to access the file and move from line to line as the user calls Read. From an XML point of view, the structure of a CSV file is rather simple. It consists of just one level of nodes—the Depth property is always 0—and, subsequently, there is no possibility for nested nodes.

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