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By J. Andrew Keith, John Harshman, Marc Miller

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Yurletya (Spear-Hook) (2000 grams; Cr1 5; TL 2): A combination of spear (at one end) and 4-pronged grappling hook (at the other). The yurletya is 2500mm in length, and was a favorite duelling weapon of early Aslan cultures. It is still frequently used for ritual or ceremonial purposes. After any attack is made with the weapon, regardless of the result, a second attack may be made in the round. One of the attacks must be with the spear end, and is treated normally. The other attack is with the hook, on a throw of 8 + (weapons, range, skill, and other DMs apply), the opponent is knocked down.

Other Game Rules Most remaining alterations required for the creation and use of Aslan in Traveller are short and simple, and don't merit the same kind of extensive attention awarded to the material which has gone before. This chapter discusses these remaining changes. ENCOUNTERS Encounters are basically the same in Aslan space as they are anywhere else. Some individual considerations are, however, slightly different in Aslan space. General Notes: When encounters occur, an appropriate NPC should be created.

Base Price: Cr210 (loaded magazine: Cr15). Page 31 were originally based on borrowed human technology. Only details to accommodate differing physiology have been changed. Accessories: Accessories are basically similar to human equivalents; however, weight and cost on all items should be increased by 10% for most Aslan devices. Armor and Protection: Armor types available parallel human forms, but tend to be bulkier (add 10% to weight when applicable). Price is not affected. Darkness and Night: Aslan eyesight is less seriously handicapped by darkness than human sight.

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