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By J Gonda

Visnu holds a divinity of optimum rank one of the Hindus. within the current paintings, the writer has made an try to caricature the most gains within the personality of Visnu as they seemed in several a while. The booklet is split into 3 chapters. bankruptcy one sketches the starting place of Visnu: his personality, logos, attributes, incarnations, comparative prestige, and so forth. bankruptcy offers with Sri, Visnus woman associate. bankruptcy three describes the various salient positive aspects of Visnus cul

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SB r. 3 ,4 ,2 , 15 “Indra verily is he who burns yonder (the sun)” (indro ya esa tapati) ; M S. 1 ,1 0 ,1 6 : 155,19 asau vä äditya indrah\ T S . 5, 7, 1 c asau vä äditya■indra esa prajäpatih; AV. 13, 3, 13 16) — , but he is, as fa r as I am able to see, not prim arily a represen­ 10) N o w see H , Lüders, Varuna I, Gottingen 1951, p. , IT, p. ; Hopkins, Epic mythology, p. , I l l , p. 152 ff. , I l l , p. 320. , p. 32 f. 1:1) I also refer to J. N . Banerjea, Sürya in brahmanical art, IA. 54(1925), p.

May Prajäpati from the sea, the ocean, sending waters, excite the water-holder. . come hither with that thunder, pouring down waters, our asura father”. RV. 5, 8 3 ,6 the same words occur in a hymn to Parjanya; in st. 2 this deity is said to be in possession of a great weapon, obviously the thunderbolt; cf. also 4 the winds begin to blow, flashes of lightning fall down, the herbs rise u p . . ”. If I was right in taking the verb äbhusati in the sense of "causing to thrive, invigorating” 31), AV.

Against Grierson’s untenable thesis that Bhägavatism originated in sun-worship. See also M. e. ] ) See Hopkins, The real Indra of the Rig-Veda, JA O S. 16 (1896), p. ; the same, Indra as a god of fertility, JA O S. 36 (1917), p. ; 37, p. 85 f . ; H. , I l l , p. 302; Gonda, Ojas, p. 9 ff. ” ’, in the Mnemosyne, III, 6 (Leyden 1938), p. 153 ff. (with bibliography). VISNU. 29 cultivation was considered corn raised by Indra8). H e was called the bull of the earth (AV. 12,1, 6), which, as is well known, was very often regarded as a cow.

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