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About Us


About Miss Autumn’s Barquery

Meet Victoria and Jim

Miss Autumn’s Barquery headquarters is located in Panama City, Florida. We make pet friendly, earth friendly organic dog food. Victoria, our President and founder, is uncompromising in her belief of quality ingredients and holistic formulation in pet consumables. With a background in veterinary medicine and over 30 years working with animals, Victoria has formulated organic dog food and dog treats that are nutritionally beneficial, packed full of flavor and promote good health. Pets like our products for the flavor, pet parents like our products for the nutrition.

Jim, the Chief Operating Officer, has a B.S. degree in Organizational Management from John Brown University. He retired from the U.S. Air Force as a career C130 Loadmaster and completed combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Jim’s background is in test and evaluation, he also served as a quality assurance inspector and instructor of technology. He maintains oversight of our commitment to producing a quality product.

Miss Autumn’s Barquery products are made in the USA and are produced by a team that has served honorably in the US military.

We emphasize that all Miss Autumn’s food is cooked in small batches with processes governed by strict procedures that Jim developed and is consistent with recommendations from Dr. Olga Padilla-Zakour of Cornell University. We make our dog food adhering to the strictest standards for safety, reliability, and consistency using the highest quality ingredients. The food has been tested by Cornell University which has confirmed the efficacy of the product.

We promote responsible pet care, humane education, community involvement and the positive bond between people and their pets. Our Silver Paws program makes it more affordable for senior pet owners to provide nutritional, organic canine pet food for their pets. Please contact us for more information about our products and partnerships with non-profit organizations.


Meet Ms. Emily Fawcett

Introducing Ms. Emily Fawcett –

It is with pleasure that we introduce Ms. Emily Fawcett to you. She has as joined us as the Sales Manager of the sales department. She will be the regional representative throughout the Midwest.

Emily is a fine person and a real professional. Emily has over twenty years of experience in our industry. She’s done it all—business owner, production, customer relations, sales.

Emily actually reached out to us to use our products when her rescue started taking in dogs with medical issues. And then, five years ago, Emily’s own dog, Rusty was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and we were happy to provide any help and support. Her family also turned to our product when their beloved pets started having liver and kidney issues.

In fact, we think Emily knows everything about our product, top to bottom. And she’ll put that expertise to work for you. She has many great ideas and is eager to get to know you. You can rely on Emily’s ability. She will take good care of you.


You can contact Ms. Emily Fawcett –
Mobile: [785] 210-6889
Email: e.fawcett1980@gmail.com

Our Philosophy

Our Products Give You Peace of Mind

At Miss Autumn’s Barquery our philosophy is focused on addressing the nutritional support of various medical conditions common in the companion world. Food is prepared for dogs that have specific health needs such as Allergies, Cancer, Cardiac, Cushing’s, Diabetes, Epilepsy (neurologic), Kidney and Renal problems. With the impact of pet diseases on the rise we saw a need for new disease support therapy formulas. Our formula’s are unique supportive care modalities.

We are not at all like ANYONE else out there, we are completely different, and pioneering new frontiers.