More time with my precious Axel

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More time with my precious Axel

Axel is a twelve and a half year old cardigan Welsh corgi, rescue dog diagnosed with renal failure earlier this year. Veterinarians at the Napa Small Animal Hospital brought her back from the brink of death and recommended a low protein diet to prevent further irritation and to prolong her life. Alden Murray, Axel’s owner, tried a number of products readily available in her area but nothing suited Axel’s tastes. Murray believed her final option was to prepare a special meal for the dog herself. Searching the internet one last time for another alternative, Murray discovered Miss Autumn’s Barkery and ordered a sample immediately. To her delight, Axel quickly ate every morsel. Murray said, “I’m a single mother of four children (five including Axel) and I don’t really have time to prepare special meals myself. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for Miss Autumn’s Barkery for giving me more time with my precious Axel.”

Alden Murray

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