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Ahead of it’s Time!

Miss Autumn’s Barquery is a dog food way ahead of it’s time! People are so use to dog food in a bag, they can not comprehend the convenience of these glass jars! Reuse able and eco friendly! I am in the dog food industry and have seen case after case of dog allergies, because of the ingredients. Miss Autumn’s is tested with the backing of several highly respected authorities in the world on combining the fundamental elements to keep your dog thriving! The detail that has been placed in making this dog food premiere is visionary. With more and more pet owners seeking a quality of life for their pet, Miss Autumn’s Barquery sure exceeds any other brand of dog food I have experienced! Cushing and Diabetic formulas are available for those dogs with medical conditions. Step out of your bag…lol…and give it a try!! 🙂

-Candace Pascarella

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